Comprehensive Ocular Health Analysis

Complimentary Virtual Consult

The Complimentary Virtual Consult allows for you to discuss with us online or by phone what your visual goals are in order to determine which vision correction options are the most appropriate for your lifestyle. You will be able to consult with one of our qualified laser technicians to ask about candidacy for laser vision correction and address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding LASIK and other available treatment options.

Complimentary In-Office Screening

The Complimentary In-Office Screening allows for everything that we are able to provide in a Virtual Consult but in a face-to-face setting. In addition, we are able to do several free-of-charge diagnostic imaging tests that will further define candidacy for LASIK and which customizable treatment will benefit you the most.

Using Imaging Technology. to Enhance Results

Comprehensive Ocular Health Analysis

Our Comprehensive Ocular Health Analysis is the most thorough eye examination that you will ever receive, and no referral is necessary. It is recommended by most eyecare providers that you have your eyes checked as part of a healthcare maintenance routine just as you would have a dental check on your oral health on a regular basis. Our examination will not only identify if there are any issues with your ocular health that need to be addressed, but will also allow for you and the doctor to discuss and plan any vision correction treatments that will benefit you. All necessary measurements that will be required laser vision correction or any other procedure will be completed at this time. The value of this will exam be very apparent to you when you experience the amount detailed testing that will be done to provide a holistic evaluation of your visual well-being.

How We Determine which Procedure is Best for You

Our Ambition To Have The Best Technology

Value of this exam

The Comprehensive Ocular Health Analysis includes a myriad of both simple examinations and sophisticated diagnostic imaging. You will appreciate how diligent and thorough we are about your ocular health.

Comprehensive Ocular Health Analysis Includes all of the following for a very discounted rate:

Average Private Medical Insurance Pay = $900

Rush Eye Associates Charge = $90 = much less than your co-pay or deductible will be.

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