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The formation of Rush Eye Associates began when cornea and refractive surgery fellowship-trained Sloan W. Rush, M.D. (“Dr. Sloan”) joined leading eye surgeon J. Avery Rush M.D. (“Dr. Avery”) to establish a world-class eye-care practice in their hometown Amarillo, Texas. This father/son duo is able bring together the latest available technology from Dr. Sloan in combination with experience that comes from over 40 years of practice from Dr. Avery. Both surgeons are intricately involved in the care of all patients receiving LASIK. With nearly 60 years of combined eye surgery experience, they have performed over 80,000 cataract, lens implant and refractive procedures. Because of this we are able offer the most experienced hands right here in our region. If you think you have to leave town to get the best available care, then you should keep reading to see why that is not true.

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No Need to Fly to Dallas for LASIK

So how is it possible that we have this much surgical experience in the small population of our region compared to doctors that are in a large city with a high population? Great question. There are approximately 20,000 practicing ophthalmologists in the United States which has a population of over 300 million. That equates to one ophthalmologist per 15,000 people. Our medical practice serves a rural statistical area of over 400,000 people that includes the entire Texas Panhandle, large portions of Oklahoma and New Mexico, and even small pieces of Colorado and Kansas. There is a total of just 10 ophthalmologists performing eye surgery in our whole isolated region. That means that there is one ophthalmologist per 40,000 population, as we are a relatively underserved region for many medical specialties. Metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Houston and Austin are more saturated with medical practitioners and may have as many as one ophthalmologist per 5,000 people in certain areas. Therefore, our surgical volume and experience may be as high as 8 times the average practitioner in one of the larger cities in our state. This gap in medical provider coverage has also taught us to streamline our process with improved efficiency. We have been privileged to gain such a tremendous amount of experience taking care of the many great patients in our hometown and the surrounding regions. This experience level has translated into improved patient outcomes.

why stay here?

Some people may have the impression that you must go to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex or to another big city to be able to find the most experienced surgeons for medical procedures. That may be the case in some fields of medicine in our region but not for LASIK and cataract surgery. If you shop around very diligently, you could probably come across only a few surgeons somewhere in the United States that have performed the amount of surgical volume that we have at Rush Eye. This experience level matters because we know firsthand that the technical aspects of the surgery require specialized expertise from start to finish, especially when dealing with newer, cutting-edge technology. You only have one set of eyes and your vision is so critical to maintaining an active lifestyle. Therefore, when shopping for a doctor, we advise that you find someone with a high level of experience in order to allow for your best possible outcome. Some patients may be reluctant to question their doctor about their surgical proficiency for fear of being pushy or aggressive. But we encourage and welcome these types of questions from you. It will not be offensive to us for you to inquire because we believe that is important for you to feel comfortable with the competency level of your surgeon when you entrust us with your eye-care. In fact, we commonly see patients come in from larger cities to seek care at Rush Eye. People returning home to visit family in Texas Panhandle discover that we offer everything that a big city does with regards to vision correction surgery.


Rush Eye Associates has been the leading visionary for all-things ophthalmology in our region. Here are a few examples: We have been the first practice in the Texas Panhandle to use femtosecond lasers, topography-guided excimer laser ablations, corneal collagen crosslinking, partial thickness corneal transplants, prosthetic corneal transplants (keratoprosthesis), implantable miniature telescopes, same-day bilateral cataract surgery, and use of intraocular antibiotic injection during cataract surgery. We are proud to offer the most advanced technology available anywhere in the world for your LASIK procedure. We don’t offer as an option any inferior treatments that we do not believe are the very best for your particular circumstances.


We value the privilege to be able to take care of your eyes. It is such a pleasure to hear directly from you how happy you are with your new vision. With latest LASIK techniques, it is now possible for many of our patients to achieve better vision than they had beforehand when using glasses and contact lenses. Meet our LASIK patient of the month to hear about their experience.

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