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What is EVO ICL?

EVO ICL is a microscopic lens made of collagen placed by a Rush Eye Associates specialist so you can just wake up and see. The ICL, or Implantable Collamer Lens, is a safe and effective treatment option that's grown to be one of the most popular vision correction options. ICL is made of collagen so you can’t feel it or see it in the mirror, and it’s in sync with your body chemistry so your immune system doesn’t even know it’s there. Originally, ICL was seen as a solution for people with high myopia (high lens prescription) and for people whose corneal thickness was not sufficient to have LASIK. ICL is still a great option for these types of patients, however, because of the consistently precise results ICL delivers, it has grown to be one of the most popular vision correction options among those who simply want incredibly clear, crisp vision and a reversible option.

About The ICL Procedure

The procedure is quick and painless, and patients can usually expect it to last 10 to 20 minutes. The ICL, which is gently inserted into the eye, bends the light to focus it perfectly onto the retina, similar to how a contact lens works on the surface of the eye. Unlike traditional contact lenses, the ICL is positioned inside the eye between the iris and the natural lens, where it remains in place indefinitely without needing maintenance. Because of this placement, the ICL is invisible to both the patient and others. In addition to correcting vision, the ICL creates a barrier to UV protection. The Collamer material that makes up ICLs has unique properties that provide UV protection while allowing natural visible light to pass through unaltered for sharp and precise vision. Made of biocompatible material, the ICL can be removed in the future if necessary.

EVO ICL FDA Approval

The EVO procedure has been in approval studies for the past several years in the U.S., and in 2022, the EVO lens surgical procedure was FDA-approved for widespread use across the country. Over a million EVO Visian ICLs were completed outside the U.S. prior to it being approved in the States.

Benefits of the EVO ICL

The EVO ICL is an updated Collamer lens that eliminates the need for a pre-surgical step previously necessary with earlier versions of the ICL. If you are seeking vision correction for nearsightedness with or without astigmatism, the EVO ICL is a flexible solution that may be perfect for you. Benefits include:

√ Sharp, clear vision

√ Excellent night vision

√ Correction of high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) as well as astigmatism

√ UV protection

√ Made of Collamer, a biocompatible material that works in harmony with your eye

​√ Does not cause dry eyes or worsen symptoms of dry eye syndrome

√ Quick recovery time​​

√ Reversible

Possible Complications and Risks

Risks and potential complications of EVO ICL surgery include increased IOP, the potential for under-correction or overcorrection, and the need to reposition or replace an EVO ICL if it were slightly too large for the eye or slightly too small for the eye or if it moved or rotated. The beauty of the EVO procedure is that risks and complications are greatly reduced from prior models of phakic IOL‘s including the Visian ICL predecessor. The EVO ICL has a series of 5 fenestrations (openings) that permit what is called aqueous humor to flow and “bathe” the natural lens of the eye with nutrition and metabolic exchange. This has been shown to reduce the risk of a complication of prior phakic IOL’s, which is the early development of a certain type of cataract called an anterior subcapsular cataract.

With the addition of the fenestrations to the ICL platform found with EVO, the lens is effectively floating, or “hovering”, over the natural lens similar to the puck on an air hockey table. This minimizes the touch to the natural lens and maintains physiologic-metabolic flow and is therefore “in harmony” with the eye’s body chemistry, virtually eliminating the prior risk of cataract formation. The fenestration also eliminates the risk of a certain type of glaucoma called “pupil block,” which was a very rare potential complication of prior phakic IOL’s. Since there are openings in the EVO ICL itself, there is no risk of pupil block glaucoma, meaning there is no need for additional laser treatments to adjust the intraocular pressure postoperatively. This simple modification of adding a series of openings or “holes” in the ICL platform is therefore a complete game-changer in safety and effectiveness for patients wanting ICL surgery.

Am I a candidate for ICL?

EVO ICL may be right for you if:

√ You are over the age of 18

√ You are interested in a vision correction solution for moderate to severe nearsightedness

√ Your prescription has not significantly changed within the last year

√ You have healthy eyes with the exception of being nearsighted or having astigmatism

The EVO ICL is used to treat myopia and myopic astigmatism. It can be used to treat up to 20D of myopia and up to 4D of astigmatism. There are a few other factors we measure if someone is considering EVO ICL surgery, which is why the best way to learn if this surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a Rush Eye Associates specialist.

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