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Light Adjustable Intraocular Lens Implant

Patients undergoing cataract surgery at Rush Eye Associates have access to the first FDA-approved Light Adjustable LensTM (https://www.rxsight/com/us). The Light Adjustable Lens allows for superior refractive outcomes owing to the fact that it can be customized for your vision after the procedure has already been performed. Your doctor can use a device ( that delivers UV light to the implant which can reshape the implant to control the amount of focusing power on the lens. This technology allows for the opportunity to make several adjustments following the surgery to allow for optimization of your vision. An FDA clinical trial reported that you are twice as likely to see 20/20 without correction when receiving the Light Adjustable Lens compared to the standard intraocular lens. This Light Adjustable implant is ideal for patients requiring the most accurate vision when viewing objects in the distance.

Medicare allows patients to upgrade their vision using advanced lens implant technology like the Light Adjustable Lens. The standard intraocular lens implant is covered by medical insurance (including Medicare), but the light adjustable lens technology is not covered. Patients are responsible for the out-of-pocket costs associated with the upgraded premium lens implant technology. See what financing options are available.

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